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The Coalition Government’s reckless gamble with growth and jobs runs the risk of stifling the fragile recovery.  The Conservatives and Lib Dems will insist that there is no alternative to their huge and unnecessary cuts – that is simply not true.

There is a better way and that’s where you can help.

Labour’s alternative will be fair and will recognise that growth and jobs  are central to our economic strategy - not a side issue.  It will treat the public as intelligent enough to understand that bringing the world economy back from the brink of catastrophe is not the same as paying off a credit card bill.

Show your support for our alternative or let us know your ideas for a better way. Simply let us know what you think and we will add it to the ideas map above.

This is about saying, “No. There is an alternative”.

You can read the full response from Alan Johnson - Labour's Shadow Chancellor here.

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Always remember, there is always a better way, and we feel that this is the right time for you to help us develop a coherent and ethical better way for you and your family.

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Jobs and Growth

The Government’s plans are a reckless gamble with the economy, which put the already fragile recovery at risk. Forecasts of one million job losses highlight the cost of the Government’s inflexible approach that takes no account of what’s going on in the world economy. And more people claiming benefits will make the job of paying down the deficit even more difficult.

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Public services

The scale of cuts to public services go far beyond what is necessary and include scrapping measures the Conservatives had promised to protect, including the guarantee of one-week cancer tests. Police funding cuts of 20 per cent will be impossible to achieve without cuts to the numbers of police on the street and programmes to fight crime and anti-social behaviour.

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The Spending Review fails some of the basic tests of fairness. Under the Government’s plans families with children will have to pay more than twice the amount that the banks are being asked to contribute. Independent experts have already described the measures as “not progressive” on the Treasury’s own analysis.

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